Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The day journey....

Today was a day blessed with a bubbly beginning and unfolded into a spectacle of bursting bubbles blowing through the dry and hot Cape Townian bustle! A little bit of alliteration to Brighten up the Blog! Ha! Today was a lovely day in the world of I and I. I arose an hour and a half after my alarm (which has become the norm as I really don't have any where to be or any reason for rising at 7:30am) I attempted to do my morning ritual of body tapping and a little bit of of Yoga but once yoga matt was lain upon the floor and I began tapping I got terribly bored and took to plucking my eyebrows instead, which lead to chopping my fingernails and then pealing dead skin from my toes....perhaps too much detail, but a highly satisfactory experience it was. I now have nicely plucked eyebrows and VERY short finger-nails.

Morning routine thrown out the window I decided to listen to the radio whilst preparing some oats...I'm now updated on the latest music in CT and feel very happy to finally know what's in! Tomorrow morning I hope to listen to another, even 'cooler' radio station to affirm this mornings research. I gave Willow Smiths tune, I whip my head back and forth, a second chance too...the first time I heard that track I was appalled by the quality of the music coming out of the 'youth' today...this morning however I was able to do some moves to beat and look forward to our next rendezvous!

I had a big Chat with my little sister down under as it was her first day at a new school and was very happy to hear her report! She is a super trouper!!!! She however passed on other news which rattled my foundations a bit...relationships are a challenge in all shapes and sizes. One is never as lenient with other people as we are say with our pets. Other humans tend to have certain idiosyncrasies that can drive one mad or in worst case scenarios drive one to dislike or even despise others. I do feel my place in these situations hasn't ever been strong enough to come to despise another. I can see how many do come to this situation, but being the people pleaser that I am I am perhaps a bit to much of a chameleon and have a tendency to adjust accordingly in order to not have to end up despising. I have the ability to disconnect myself enough to try and make the different challenging experiences less challenging. Others with stronger wills and perhaps more integrity and conviction for what they see as right and wrong though do end up in situations which break my heart. When one has the ability to lose all hope in another whom they have loved or potentially still love but no longer hold an inch of respect then I feel rather deflated. But that is not my journey and I have to often make a decision to distance myself from others relationships even if the two parties involved are both loved ones. Each relationship must pan out in its own manner and I can only maintain the relationships with those in my sphere.

Speaking of relationships, I miss Aleksander! I miss his friendship and his council. I miss our great conversations and his intellect. I miss his acceptance of me and his honesty. It is a strange thing to miss...and I ponder this greatly lately because here in Cape Town I have my brothers and my sister-in-law as my daily companions (and the Rocket my four legged love) and I in fleeting moments miss having a friend with whom I can hang out with. After a day of reading I return from the library and am bursting with words and ideas and giggles and pokes and urges to converse and share stories and ideas and break down the activities of the day or simply banter on about some mundane topic that needs to be explored and for 6 years Aleksander was my partner in crime for such activities. Before Aleks there were good friends over the years who on a yearly basis also filled such I find myself writing to certain people whom enable my fingers to type freely to and babbling on like I do right now. So writing becomes my new friend, my new partner in crime until I meet a human I can openly share the madness with.

I went into town today, to Long street which is one of the main drags here with lots of bars, cafes, restaurants, backpackers, galleries and shops here in Cape Town. My intention was to buy tickets to a Rave I'm attending this weekend (another opportunity to boogy and socialize that I'm opening up for myself). So I bought the ticket and attempted to have small talk with the shop assistant and failed because my topic choice was a bit too brash, the amount of drugs at a Trance Party is not a standard conversation apparently. I was merely expressing that I wouldn't need drugs, that Coffee would suffice....anyways....afterwards I decided to spoil myself to some food and was immediately tempted by a Dosa Masala cafe...where I drank the most AMAZING mango Lassi and had a very tasty regular dosa masala and a frozen chai. It was so nice to be in the cafe that I read a play by Sam Shepherd entitled, Fool for love. The Cafe working Dude was lovely and offered me a little bit of small talk but I overheard him telling another customer that he had a terribly sore throat so I didn't push the small talk because I understand how uncomfortable it can be to chat when suffering such pain. The play was GREAT! which was a relief cause i'm still battling with another play: King Baabu...which I don't find so great, but it's a required reading for one of my upcoming classes so I have to battle through it. Fool for love, was a super little play, a pair of lovers are fighting cause the lad left the lass for another lady but has returned to re-light the flame of their relationship...she's not willing and has decided to move on and this makes him even more determined to win her love. Her new love potential comes and the two men get into discussions about the lad and the lasses relationship and it turns out they're half siblings sharing a father....(the plot thickens) but had an insatiable love for each other since their teenage years...she then gives in and decides to let him be her lover again, they hug, kiss, declare their love, he has to go to his car and he leaves her...a strange ending...yes...not what i expected but the play was written so well and I was engaged throughout it and my imagination was running wild with ideas on how to stage it and I could relate so much to what the characters were saying and THAT'S THEATRE!!! King Baabu bores me and i can't relate to any of the characters and I find it tedious and meaningless (for me).

SO after reading this play and feeling might inspired I returned to the Library and began to read another play, Topdog/underdog which I'm still reading. When the library closed I proceeded to wait for the Glorious Free Jammie Shuttle back to the main campus. As I sat and read two gentlemen approached and enquired as to whether I spoke french or not. I told them I did not speak french and they wanted to know why and I informed them that I've never lived in a french speaking country that has enabled me to learn how to communicate effectively. Turned out they were congolese and wanted to speak French. We then got into some very interesting conversation and I discovered that they work in the field of spreading awareness through theatre! They are a part of an NGO that deals with different social issues and one of the mediums of spreading awareness is through 'Ambush Theatre'! I'm still to find out more and do some research but based on what they told me it sounded too good to be true. Their colleagues, two beautiful congolese women, came soon after them and I was taken into their world for the duration of the bus journey.... the one lady told me she was tired...she said there was a lot of work that had to be done and she was was so wonderful to be in their company, they were so animated and ALIVE and although I could not always understand their conversations I was bubbling with joy to have been able to enter their world even for a brief bus journey.

Now I must sleep in hope of arising when my alarm clock goes off at 7:30am.

More on Ambush theatre next time!

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