Thursday, July 8, 2010

All alone now...

This morning Tord left me and returned to Norway. We ate breakfast and then I waved him good bye with tears rolling down my cheeks. The last remnants of my Norway stay left with him and now I have the possibility of actually mourning my that part of my life.

I'll be leaving La La La Arthotel today as well, it has been such an incredible place to stay, so serene and such great vibes. Tonight I've been invited to stay with Patryk, Tord and I met him a couple of days ago and he gave us a private tour of the area which was lovely. We then watched Spain beat Germany with him last night....the Polish audience were extatic! Apparently the Poles don't dig Ze Germans so much and to see them lose such an important footbal game was really an event to be celebrated with style!

Tord and I spoilt ourselves with Thai Massages yesterday....ay yay yay! To be physically spoilt is such joy for the mind body and spirit. I was smothered in warm coconut oil and given a slightly hard relaxing journey. I felt a tropical island afterwards, filled with hula dancing girls and pinhacoladas. We also have spoilt ourselves with culinary pleasures, ate at an exclusive sushi restaurant the other night and have indulged in vege expertise at Greenway(a vege fast food joint as commonplace as KFC here in Poland). I've discovered a new favourite drink here in Poland, VOLDKA!!!! I had no idea it could be so good and so diverse and did I mention GREAT! There are two brands in particular that are amazing but their names are beyond me. One of them has a Bison on it and a piece of hay inside it, one has to drink it with apple juice to fully appreciate the multi-layered delights that explode in the mouth....ay yay yay!!!! The other comes in different flavours and my favourite is the herbal one, I had it with red bull....(when i wasn't drinking it straight...cause that's how we roll:) and it was DELISH!

The forests here in The great Gdansk region are spectacular, lots of greenery goodness that supplies the region with fresh air and homes for insects, and other such tree dwelling inhabitants. The Poles are also blessed with fresh and pesticide free fruit and veg, they seem to me to be quite a concious nation with regards to nature and food....perhaps I've only been exposed to that side of things....and i'll keep fooling myself if I'm wrong. I like it here and am grateful to have spent the last week here. The next leg of the journey is yet to be organised...though i don't have any doubts that it'll all work out as it should!

So over and out!


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  1. Carolien VandersmissenJuly 9, 2010 at 12:02 AM

    Safe travels my dear Tanya, follow your dreams, you'll be ok, where ever you will travel!!
    As you might know, I traveled around the world last autumn by myself, needed a break from everyay life, needed to sort out many things in life and I loved travelling, meeting people on the road, but enjoying my own company very much:-)
    Last week we returned to the Trondheim area after 2 years, very satisfied with new house, more sceptical about new job, but I think I will like it. Very exciting at least.
    I hope you will continue writing your blogg, I really enjoy following you!

    Love, Carolien