Sunday, July 18, 2010

To Russia with love

I have 10 minutes before I disappear for a while. I know not when I will be able to blog again.

Russia! WOW! Moscow! What a city! What a lady!!!!! Women with high heels, long legs and short skirts with men with big bellies and fat wallets. The Kremlin and the Red Square, just like out of a fairy tale, looking like you could eat them! Babouskas dancing in the street and knowing the waltz the cha cha cha, the foxtrot and other more russian inspired movements. Glamourous shops with money money money to be spent yet also glipses of a darker, grungier side. The breakfast we were offered this morning was a spread like no, meat, meat, meat, glorious cabbage and a chocolate fondue with fruit to dip into it! WOW! The heat is intense at the moment, 32 degrees in the shade! WOW!Kvas is my new favourite drink, made from dark bread with raisins in it and then slight fermented with yeast and other bacteria that make it taste AMAZING!

The Russian language is beautiful to my ears and picking up bits and pieces is proving to be a real pleasure, I think my name has brought out my Russian roots! I have three days on the train starting today and then we will be in a place called Tayshet for an evening. The train is supposed to be one of the more modern ones so luxury will be at our disposal for the beginning. AC and a shower....WOW!

Ok...1 minute left before internet disappears!

I bought a new camera so next blog will have photos!

Love and respect to all and to all love and respect!


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