Sunday, July 11, 2010

G'dansk to Vilnius

At 5.30am I arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania. After a 10 hour bus journey I was buggered to the bone...but was unable to get into my dorm until sleep deprived and very giddy I wandered the old baroque town of this here lovely city. Europe is truly spectacular with it's multitude of hidden treasures!

Poland was such a positively refreshing experience and now that I'm here and able to reflect I feel blessed. Patryk opened his home to me, showed me around some of G'Dansks hidden treasures(Like the mariacki cathedral in the old town which was sooooooooooo beautiful, and the view from the tower, breathtaking), provided me with stimulating conversation, laughter and home made food...He provided me with the most delicious breakfast of cheese and chives and he also made me an exquisite dinner before dropping me at the bus stop and making sure I boarded the right bus! Thank you rock!!!!! Love love love is the key!

Sopot was walking up and down Monte Casino with caricaturists selling their services, budding talented artists practicing their skills on the streets. Ice cream at every corner, big waffles with toppings galore, polish dumplings, vodka and apple juice and chilly hot-chocolate. It is Greenway and Bioway vege extravagnzas, Beetroot soup and La La La.

G'dansk is SOLIDARITY!!! Did you know that it was in G'dansk that the struggle to bring down communism in Europe began? I didn't! But now after having visited the Solidarity Museum I am that little bit wiser about the Polish contribution to the revolution. It all started at the ship yard and resulted in the fall of the Berlin Wall! I was taken to the shipyard to a funky industrial styled cafe by Patryk too.

Today I didn't indulge in too much tourism, I mainly ate, sat and drank liquids to replenish myself after the bus trip. I shall go to bed early (after the football) and tomorrow I hope to be a good tourist and visit some important spots. Vilnius is the Jerusalem of Europe, it's very pretty, it's got some rich history (which I currently know nothing of) tomorrow though is a new day! New things to learn and new adventures to be had.

It's also my first segment of the journey that I'm on my own....I did meet a lovely Dutch lass on the bus with whom I spent the morning with...but since 9am I've been cruising solo!~~I'm also sharing a dorm with 5 Belgian women on a Baltic journey so one isn't ever really alone.

Did I mention that I lost my camera at Open'er festival....well I did so I have to some how get a new one cause There are so many pretty things to take fotos of....I've been forced to take mind snaps.

Ok...over and out!

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