Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Open'er and more

Right now I sit in Sopot, a cosy little holiday town of about 30,000 inhabitants. It's inbetween Gdynia and Gdansk and is the perfect place to be after the 4 day Open'er festival I recently attended. Here my friend, Tord and I have booked 3 days at Arthotel which is absolutely perfect. It's a small hotel on the outside of town, near the forests. Each room was designed by a different artist and there is a funky little bistro downstairs. Three days of much appreciated peace and hygiene will our way come!

The festival was fun! We camped with a group of Australians all linked through some common source. Blue skies and slight breezes blessed us for 5 days (and still the weather is flawless). The evenings were chilly by contrast and one had to either move like crazy in order to stay warm or wear warm clothes! The one artist I really looked forward to was Regina Spektor and on Saturday night she wooed us with her amazing voice, vision and presence! It was amazing! So too were Tinariwen who took me on a hypnotic journey into North Africa! Fat Boy Slim had me boogying like crazy on the last night, Yeasayer had an incredible looking guitarist who also sang like and angel, Damian Marley was dreamy, Matisyahu was calm and centred and I really enjoyed his vibe. Kings of Convenience were beautiful and filled with positivity, Die Antwood were dirty yet fantabulous and I got to get down and nasty on the dance floor thanks to their vulgar lyrics and dancehallish ridims!

So...I've left Norway now! I've got a backpack that is a bit too heavy, my wallet and a rough plan for the next few months. I'd like to go from here to Warsaw, up to Vilnius, Riga and then Tallinn. From Tallinn across to St. Petersburg, down to Moscow and then Trans Siberia journey with Thomas will begin. From Beijing on nothing is certain or really thought through...though I'd like to travel down to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and eventually Northern Australia. Then work my way down the coast till I find a safe haven in my Mommy's home. That's the rough plan...what eventuates will be another thing of course....then again, maybe not! Maybe my desires will come to fruition.

During Open'er I realised that one of my core fears is that of been rejected! Of letting people close and getting rejected in the end! I hope by the end of this trip that rejection won't matter! I also hope I am able to breath and meet some super humans who will be able to share parts of the Journey with me. Doing it on my own will be made that much better if I have some one to share it with at times. It's been a pleasure having Tord with me here in Poland as it was seeing Rom and Mim again...sharing moments was lovely! I met a woman called Regina from Germany and she had been travelling on her own and she confessed to having resorted to speaking to herself at times....I too did this on the first night of the festival when I'd lost Rom and Tord. Fun and games!

And now I shall send some emails to my family and let them know all is good in the hood...I'm sure they'll be operating on the no news is good news theory...news is good news too some times and probably appreciated for peace of mind.

Until the next stop! One love

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